Why Choose Us As Your Web Site Designer?

Why Choose Us As Your Web Site Designer?

We have had a lot of enquiries recently and one of the main questions I’m asked is:

Why should I choose PCP Web Design for my website and SEO?

It’s a very good question! I had been into web design for quite a while and I wanted to continue it as a career. My very first website I ever created was for a B & B in Dover www.salisburyhousedover.co.uk back in 2014.

I used Serif WebPlus for this website when it was around. I really enjoyed creating the website and wanted to learn more in this trade. At this point I was working for a roller shutter door company based in Kent and their website was amazing! I wanted to be able to create stunning websites like this for the businesses of Kent. I started to learn to code – HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I signed up to Codecademy (an online based company that teach computer coding), after I had completed all the classes on the free account, I upgraded to the premium service. I loved it, I couldn’t get enough of the small websites and pages that I was creating! Once I had completed the premium subscription, I purchased around £200 worth of books which I use on almost every project, these help me reference code and bring the best possible websites to my customers. One of the first websites I ever fully coded was for a company in Ramsgate called G.P Brickwork (www.gpbrickwork.co.uk).

This customer had an established business which had been up and running for about 3 years, but his only business was through word of mouth. It took me four weeks to code this website and I was continually learning along the way, especially with how the webmaster section of Google works and how to write up the content to make it search engine friendly. I had finally completed the website and the customer was very happy. Within 3 months the customer was getting work and enquiries through his website.

The director called me up and asked if I could meet him for a coffee at Costa, the first thought that went through my head was “he’s not happy with his website and wants to discuss it with me”. I met him at Costa a couple of hours later and he showed me a wad of paper. It was a chain of emails about a job worth about £10,000, I looked at him and said “brilliant, I’m glad your getting work in” He replied, “He found me on Google and liked the website”. I was shocked, the website I had created for a small business in Ramsgate had been found on Google and got his first five figure job out of it!


This gave me the confidence to go to college and study to become a website designer, I signed up for a Higher National Certificate (HNC) at East Kent College. I was doing well throughout the year and was on my way to getting a distinction in the course and I got accepted into Kent University to continue studying. I had one more module to complete and hand in to get that distinction! Unfortunately, on the Friday 2nd June 2017 I collapsed at my sister’s house in Margate. I got rushed into hospital I had drips going in each arm and was sitting in A & E until 3am the following morning. They discharged me and mentioned for me to wait for a phone on the Monday to arrange an appointment, I didn’t think anything of it and thought they just wanted a check-up. The next morning at 7:15am I got a phone call asking me to come back to the hospital, again I thought nothing of it and thought they wanted to do some further tests. I turned up at the QEQM hospital in Margate, parked my car in the carpark and went into the hospital. I got told to sit down in a chair to which I sat for a good hour. The nurse asked me if I wanted to call a member of family or someone to bring some bits up, I replied, “nah it’s ok” and started to play Candy Crush on my phone. The nurse asked the same question again half an hour later and I replied the same as I did last time. After about two hours of sitting in this chair with nothing going on, I asked the nurse how much longer I was going to be here for as the football was on at 3pm (selfish I know but was looking forward to seeing my best mate down the pub). It was then I had the nurse come up to me and say “Love, you’ve been admitted to hospital” and put a wrist band on each wrist. I didn’t even know why I had been admitted. The nurse then came back with a Baxter machine and hung a pouch of liquid up and stuck a needle in my arm.

After being on the drip machine for 30 minutes I got taken into a consultation room to which I got told I was a Type 1 Diabetic at the age of 23 years old. I zoned out at the words “Type 1 Diabetic”. I thought that was it, I’m not going to be employed or follow my career path as no one will employee me due to the complications. I was in hospital for the next six days.

The next six days I was on a closely monitored diet and I felt my life come to a standstill. Luckily the nurse had a sense of humour and I could roam the hospital as long as I was back on the hour, every hour. I got my partner to bring me my laptop up to me and I sat there staring at my college dashboard, I had missed the deadline for my assignment. I had failed college, yet I was so close. This meant I couldn’t go onto my university course. I was devastated and sat there and decided to put a film on to take me away from it all.

The next day I was searching domain names and came across the domain pcpwebdesign.co.uk and it caught my eye. I thought I’m not going to let this illness ruin my life let alone my career. I purchase the domain name and done some research into running my own business. I then started to design my own website (www.pcpwebdesign.co.uk) and I was so happy with it I registered the company on companies’ house.

Ok my websites aren’t the cheapest, but they also aren’t the most expensive. I believe in creating professional and affordable web sites for businesses of Kent to help them get noticed online! The minimum cost for a website of mine is £399, this secures you a five-page website including hosting and a domain name. You can find out more about our packages by clicking here.

We don’t sell websites cheaper then that as they won’t meet our standard of having super-fast, high quality and noticeable websites. Don’t worry if one of our packages doesn’t suit you Contact us and we will arrange a call back to discuss what options you would like and give you the best possible service you could receive.

To sum it all up, PCP Web Design hasn’t been around very long, but we are dedicated to offering our clients the best service that we can give to help drive your business forward. We are with you for the long run not just the sale of the website!

This should answer anyone’s question as to why you should choose PCP Web Design. We have the dedication and motivation to design your Kent business a professional but affordable website! We don’t just stop there, we can manage your website for you and also carry out all types of search engine optimisation to get you on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords. If you are looking for a cheap website designer, then unfortunately we are not the company for you!